Tighten and lift using HIFU - no surgery and no downtime

HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) is a non-surgical facelift treatment that lifts areas of the face without needles. It creates heat deep in the dermis which stimulates and renews the skins collagen, improves texture and reduces sagging.

You'll notice firmer skin after the treatment, with the results improving over 6-12 weeks, where you will notice an improvement in facial contouring and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

IDEAL FOR TARGETING: Ageing Skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, loose skin, facial features that need tightening or definition 

loose neck folds, sagging eyelids, sagging around the mouth, blurred jawline. 

DOWNTIME: No downtime 

TIME:  Around 60 minutes

COST: See below for a breakdown in prices 

LONGEVITY: Between 2-4 treatments will see dramatic results


Our practitioner or nurse will see you for a consultation to see if you are suitable for treatment. In this consultation pre-treatment photographs are taken in order to monitor results. 
Once the practitioner has marked up the treatment areas, an ultrasound gel is placed onto the skin - super cooling to balance the heat of the treatment. You may find throughout the treatment a slight tingling sensation, heat or tenderness which may be uncomfortable, your practitioner will work with you to manage the discomfort throughout.

We recommend 4-5 treatments to see maximum results, these will be spaced our at least 4 weeks apart to be sure the rejuvenation taken full effect. Results will last around 12-18 months, from 18 months we recommend another maintenance treatment.

We regularly pair this with our AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ treatment for an even better result.

Many patients have no downtime after the treatment, though you may experience redness, swelling or heat to the treatment site. This should go down after 24 hours of treatment.

If you are any questions or queries please contact us on (02) 4934 7826

Full Face and Neck - $450 per session
Full Face - $300 per session
Neck or Chin Sculpting - $200 per session
HIFU is best bundled with our  AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ treatments. When you book this package your first treatment is 50% off!