We have all your cosmetic tattooing needs covered at Facial Renu. Cosmetic tattooing is. semi-permanent procedure that involves tattooing specialised pigment into the upper layers of the skin. It's the perfect treatment to enhance the eyebrows, lips and add definition with eyeliner.

For Brows we use two methods 'Microbladed' and 'Block'. Microbladed uses light strokes with a tattoo needle to implant pigment under the skin, this mimics the natural hairlike stroke and it perfect for filling in gaps. Block is a technique that lasts longer than microbladed, the pigment is more deeply implanted with the needle, both techniques may be used during your treatment. 

You will meet with your therapist who will have a consultation with you to find out your desires and chat you through which looks and methods maybe suited to you.

Brows - A brow shape will be designed and drawn on so you may have a better understanding of shape, symmetry and colour selections. You will have a chance to make changes before any pigment goes in! Our therapist will apply a topical anaesthetic before proceeding in order to minimise pain and discomfort.  

Eyeliner and Lip Liner - Colours, thickness and shape will be discussed during your consultation, before and after images will be shown so you can get the best understanding of what each treatment entails.


Here at Facial Renu we complete the treatment over two procedures 4-12 weeks apart, depending on individual healing and assessment. It is necessary to complete all procedures in order to achieve the longest life from your Cosmetic Tattoo. If it is longer than 12 weeks between procedures it will be classified as a 'touch up' and priced according.

First Procedure - Design and Shape
Second Procedure - Perfecting Session


This is what we get asked most. Many people feel a little discomfort and others find it more painful. We apply a topical anaesthetic before the treatment proceeds in order to minimise pain to the area.

You will be give aftercare information by your therapist, however we recommend to not touch the area, avoid exercise, saunas, spray tans and spas for 48 hours. For 2 weeks following treatment avoid swimming in pools, avoid high UV exposure and infrared light exposure.

Please be aware that the colour will be 40-60% bolder after treatment for around 5-7 days and should fade to the desired colour. No cleansers, water or soaps on the area until healed. Do not pick the flaking and scabbing skin.

You will return between the 4-12 weeks to check your healing progress and perfect any areas that the therapist wants to touch up. Once healed be sure to wear SPF on the area everyday.

Full Set Eyebrows
(2 procedures)
Block or Microbladed - $600
Touch Ups - $200
Eye Liner
Upper Lid - $350
Lower Lid - $350
Both - $650
Lip Liner  - $400
Areola Re Pigmentation - $700 for both breasts
Create colour matching for breast reconstruction/augmentation