Healthy skin begins with knowledge. Our therapist will give you a personalised assessment based on your skin’s unique needs; it will enable you to make more effective decisions when it comes to your skin care.



A comprehensive skin consultation that uses our state-of-the-art facial imaging camera. It captures a detailed profile of your skin and reveals sun-damage, pigmentation, skin texture, red areas and ageing. Our therapist will help you decide on a treatment plan that effective.

If you are having a consultation with our aesthetic practitioner about advanced cosmetic techniques such as injectables or threads, this skin consultation is required. Following your medical history, treatment area analysis and showing you previous successful treatments, our practitioner will create a treatment plan for you and give you an indication on price.

Facial Imaging Consultation: 30 minutes - $50

Consultation for Advanced Cosmetic Techniques and Injectables: 30 mins - $50

Both are redeemable if you have the treatment on the same day or book your treatment on the day.



A professional, in-depth skin analysis based on your skin and lifestyle. We’ll show you how to achieve your healthiest skin, address any concerns and give you customised product and treatment recommendations.

5 minutes - Complimentary with any Dermalogica Treatment